My name is Paola Bozas. I have an incredible passion for planning events of all kinds and making each of them an unforgettable experience and a lifetime memory.  I was born in Bolivia and my husband is from Argentina; together we have three children.  Since I was little I loved to help my mom plan her events in Bolivia, from birthday parties to local events.  I would help with little things like setting up the silverware and napkin folding.  It was very interesting to see how over the years, event planning became a passion of mine, and I truly plan every event and treat it as if it were my own. I have taken my interior design and decoration experience and have combined it with event planning.  Combining the two allows me to enjoy my two passions as a career. Moving to the United States has given me to opportunity to use my language to learn from diverse cultures and apply my passion to plan events of all kinds.


I was just 15 when my aunt noticed my abilities/passion for event planning and she asked me to plan her wedding. It was a great opportunity for me to put my creativity and planning skills to work. The event was wonderful and I really enjoyed creating the theme and decorations.  After that I continued my education until I put my event planning passion on hold.  Six years ago I started as a volunteer for a nonprofit organization benefiting disabled orphans. It was a spark in giving me the opportunity to rekindle my passion for event planning. As a result I decided to get my certification in event and wedding planning and I am loving every minute of it!  I look forward to creating your next, unforgettable event!